Team members

Lu Zhang
fresh graduate University of Webster

Fei He
Master SiChuan Fine Arts Institude

Qiang Yang
Master Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Yicheng Yang
Master Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Yue Wu
Master Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Yangyang Cai
Master Institute of Urban Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Chang Luo
Bachelor Sichuan Agricultural University

Yuchuan Song
Bachelor chengdu agricultural college

Haozhen Wang
Bachelor China Agricultural University

Wenyu Zhang
Bachelor Jiangsu University

Miaomiao Sun
Bachelor Tiangong University

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About us

We are a group of passionate and creative young people with cross-disciplinary background from the Institute of Urban Agriculture (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, CAAS), the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and universities across China. We are dedicated to exploring the future patterns of urban agriculture and wise solutions for city sustainable development. Using an interdisciplinary and system-based approach, we hold a vision to rebuild urban life with agricultural science and technology, and hope to provide city dwellers with sustainable food supply and living environment that are healthy, resilient and inclusive.