Team members

Marlene Vollmer
Master Wageningen University & Research

Havana-kay Menezes
Master Wageningen university

Nikolaos Papaspyrou
Master Research Wageningen University

Olayinka Aremu
Master University of Gottingen

Diletta Marika Gekas
Master Tilburg University

Andrea Di Bernardo
Master University of Turin

Aruna Ramdhan
Master University of Wageningen

Ana Nakamura
Bachelor University of São Paulo

Katharina Kriegshäuser
Master University of Hohenheim

Leonardo Barros da Costa Fiege
Master University of Hohenheim

Aakash Bala
Bachelor Center for Environmental Planning and Technology

Lucas Gonçalves Ferreira
Bachelor University of São Paulo

Mayara Ikeda
Bachelor University of São Paulo

Mayara Sartori
Bachelor University of São Paulo

Tiago Bueno
Bachelor ESALQ/USP

Ricardo Dominioni
fresh graduate University of Bristol

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About us

We are a team of people highly committed to tackle the issues connected to social inequality and marginality. We believe that through urban farming, the neglected community of Ward 7 in Washington DC, will be able to empower and further develop. Our team comprises a variety of different backgrounds from plant to food sciences to political sciences. With this multidisciplinary outlook we hope to provide this community with tangible and simple solutions for the future.