Committee of Recommendation

Prof. dr. ir. Arthur Mol
Rector Magnificus WUR
Dwane Jones, PhD
Acting Dean of CAUSES + Land-Grant Program, UDC


Prof. dr. ir. Arnold Bregt
Dean of Education - WUR
Dr. ir. Ernst van den Ende
Managing Director Plant Sciences Group - WUR
Prof. dr. Perry den Brok
Chair 4TU Centre for Engineering Education – WUR
Drs. Sebastiaan Berendse
Corporate Director Value Creation – WUR
Ir. ing. Tim van Hattum
Program Leader Green Climate Solutions – WUR
Nettie Buitelaar (PhD)
Chief Business Officer – BiosanaPharma
Annie Berendsen
Student and bronze medalist Urban Greenhouse Challenge ‘2 – WUR
Luc Lebens
Director - Soapbox

Expert panel Urban Greenhouse Challenge ‘3

Dr. Sabine O’Hara
Dean & Director of Landgrant Programs – UDC Causes
Dr. Anna Franz
Assistant Professor – UDC Causes
Eric Harris (M.Arch; MFA)
PhD Student – UDC Causes
Jimell Sanders
President – Deanwood Civic Association, Washington DC
Antwan Holmes
Commissioner, ANC 7C07
Dr. ir. Marian Stuiver
Programme leader Green Cities - WUR
Prof. dr. ir. Leo Marcelis
Head of chair group Horticulture and Product Physiology – WUR
Dr. Sigrid Wertheim – Heck
Associate Professor Global Food System Sustainability - WUR
Ir. Tiffany Tsui (LEED AP)
CEO – Springtide Strategy & Ventures

Coordination & project implementation

Rio Pals
Manager Student Challenges – WUR
Marta Eggers
Project Coordinator – WUR
Nina van den Driesschen
Project manager – Soapbox