Future of Urban Farming series: The Greenhouse Pharmacy

Location: WebinarJam, see link below

Date & Time: Thursday 28 May 2020, 13.00 - 14.30

In the third event in Future of Urban Farming series, dr. Wouter Verkerke (Wageningen University & Research) will talk about new business models for horticulture with special focus on new crops in new chains.

The Greenhouse Pharmacy: new business models in horticulture with new crops

As it became clear that Dutch horticulture was facing new threats, in 2015 Wageningen University & Research founded a new programme on value creation in greenhouse horticulture, combining the skills and experience of growers and the scientific approach of the researchers. In this webinar dr. Wouter Verkerke will discuss the results of this programme, that led to production of new types of crops in Dutch greenhouses and connections between the growers and new companies.

About the speaker

Dr. Wouter Verkerke leads The Greenhouse Pharmacy research programme at the Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture, Wageningen Plant Research (part of Wageningen University & Research). The programme aims at the development of new growing strategies and new business models for new crops in greenhouse horticulture to produce food ingredients, cosmeceuticals and plant-based medicines. Dr. Verkerke has also founded the Bleiswijk Flavour Lab for fruits and vegetables, the clearing house that provides services on flavour for seed companies, growers, wholesalers, and retail. Furthermore he is involved in developing a new research programme on Circular Horticulture.