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Our team

We are an interdisciplinary team from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) formed by students from Architecture and Urbanism, Landscape Design, Agronomic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Economy courses, with an emphasis in the fields of Architectural and Urban design.

Our strengths

In this challenge, we represent one of the most important universities of Brazil, the University of São Paulo, known for the quality of its research and its connection with companies from all over the world. In this sense we have members developing researches in the sustainability and technology field and we also have counselors that are specialists in the intersection of architectural, urbanism, food engineering and agriculture areas.

Our drive

We aim to improve people’s relationship with their own food. In order to do this, we are considering the way the food is provided to people and the way how society sees food production areas. Nevertheless, we also aim to facilitate food provision and make it a part of the common habitants' life.

What we want to achieve

We aim to achieve an innovative and sustainable way to relate urban food production and city dwellers, considering the local characteristics such as the climate, the biodiversity, the relief and the country’s culture.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

CORA (Construction Of Revolutionary Agriculture) is designed to encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits. The project provides a safe and interactive environment for food production and social interactions, while remaining true to circular economy principles. The main starting points of CORA’s design embraces some of the region's most important features, such as the park’s main roads and accesses, dimensions of the existing buildings in the area, natural climate and sunlight. This innovative design looks towards the future while remaining grounded in the city’s rich history and culture, a place where “Tradition Meets Future” through architecture, landscape design and agriculture.

What are the main functions of our building?

CORA was designed to embrace and stimulate city life, standing out in its context and function in direct link with its surroundings. The project embodies circular economy concepts, aiming to reduce waste production, reuse wastewater and generate renewable energy while ensuring that the materials used in the construction can be reused or recycled.
As a project proposal, CORA intends to meet the demands of the area and foster new dynamics inside and outside of the building. Although the building program is quite diverse, its main functions are all related to one another. There is food production and food processing associated to market and research, and physical activities playing part in energy generation. The project focuses on positive social impact, creating an environment that welcomes everyone, regardless of their race, gender, income and background. The building encourages social interactions in many areas and in different ways, just as in cooking workshops, gym exercises, markets and educational tours.
As part of a much bigger intervention plan, CORA’s design was thought to integrate within its surrounding environment, resulting in an innovative solution for food production in urban settings, becoming a reference for the Marina Bay Center Agricultural Park Complex.
Therefore, the main functions of the building are food production and processing, social interactions, skill acquisition, education, research, sightseeing, shopping and exercising - a new approach towards a more sustainable future.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

CORA’s project is unlike any other. Our design combines food production and social interaction while fostering sustainable and healthy lifestyles. We aim not to simply grow food, but to ensure that city dwellers are part of the process. We aim to capacitate theses individuals providing cooking and agriculture workshops, while also piquing their curiosity through agrotech tours and our exclusive sensory path, strengthening human contact with nature.
Our business model contains an original solution for providing affordable services and products to a wide range of incomes. CORAcoin will be a virtual currency available on the building’s app that can be exchanged for different types of products, workshops and events. The coins are earned when sustainable or healthy choices are made, such as the use of recycled bags, opting for CORA’s local products, practicing physical activities in our EnerGym or when visitors grow their own plants and herbs on the project’s interactive façade. Furthermore, the final destination of CORA's open visit gives access to a lookout post with an outstanding view of the Marina Bay Center Agricultural Park Complex, guiding users towards education and environmental awareness. The tour ultimately invites people to rethink their choices, being a final point where present decisions meets future needs.

Artist impressions of the facade and the building



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Gabriel Coneglian Barbosa
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Ana Victoria Silva Gonçalves
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Ingridth Sarah Hopp
Beatriz Alcantara
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