Our team

Roderick van Oostrom, Kalina Nikolova, Eva Frijns, Merijn Bouman, Nina van Dulmen and Brechje Hooglugt.

Students from different disciplines and different universities. Currently we are all studying in the Netherlands at different universities; University of Amsterdam, University of Twente, WUR and TU Delft.

Our strengths

Our multicultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds are key elements in working together in this project. As a team we have backgrounds in social sciences, technology, environmental sciences and architecture. A great mix for this competition. For this Greenhouse we therefore can design with focus on the social, cultural and economic context.

Our drive

We are eager to create this greenhouse and see it as an interdisciplinary project which has an social impact, really connect different aspects to come up with the best greenhouse. Explore and learn of different possiblitities of urban farming fitting in our view of sustainable development. With this, we try to really leave a mark, have an impact, on the people in the direct environment of the greenhouse and way beyond.

What we want to achieve

Delivering an project which is complete from beginning to end, covering several fields of our interest. Not only a nice piece of architecture, but a greenhouse that really has concidered the economical, social cultural and technical aspects. This way we will be able to design a greenhouse as a healthy environment to safely poduces healthy food and stimulates this lifestyle within the greenhouse but also to its surrounding context in the city.
We will bring urban farming to the next level of sustainability to provide a healthy future for our planet and its inhabitants.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

We want our building to be a place that values sustainability and circularity while simultaneously enabling everyone to feel welcome at our greenhouse. Not only do we want to provide the inhabitants and visitors of Dongguan with food that is healthy, safe and sustainable, we want to encourage them to implement these aspects as much as possible in their daily lives.

What are the main functions of our building?

The main function is the production of food, which will be distributed around the region and sold through our own supermarket and food court. We have strived to incorporated as much sustainable and circular solutions to the design of our building and through out the entirety of the production system. Furthermore, we believe the building can function as a meeting place for people from various parts of society in which they can come in contact with vertical farming and sustainable living.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

We believe that our building has several innovative, sustainable elements that makes sure the building contributes in a positive way, not only to the environment but also the lives of the visitors. We put emphasis on ensuring that our food production system is as sustainable and circular as possible, while for instance the building process and the architecture of our building lives up to the same standard. The dancing building will be a happy and healthy building. Trying to encourage ordinary people to try to take little steps, and plant their own seeds of a more sustainable future, is of big importance as well.

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Team info

Brechje Hooglugt
Eva Frijns
Nina van Dulmen
Merijn Bouman
Roderick van Oostrom
Kalina Nikolova