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Our team

Our team members are all from Northwest A&F University, one of the China's original "985 Project" and "211 Project" key construction universities, and it was selected as the first batch of national "world-class universities and first-class disciplines" construction universities. Our team includes three PHDS, seven masters and eight undergraduates. The team members come from agricultural economics, food science, water conservancy construction, Forestry College, Landscape Art College and so on. We hope that we can fully take advantages of China's first-class agricultural and forestry universities and contribute our wisdom to the future development of agriculture.

Our strengths

(1) The Northwest A&F University is the only double first-rate university with superior academic achievements in three major research fields agriculture: farming, forestry and hydrology.
(2) Our university is equipped with software and hardware support like measurement laboratory, test center, food quality and safety test platform,etc. Meanwhile, we are able to implement projects based on our professional advantages, achievements and concepts in scientific research, so as to design and realize greenhouse agriculture in both urban and rural regions.
(3) Our team members are outstanding in their own respective fields. Rich experiences in scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship lay the solid foundation for project implementation.

Our drive

(1) Curiosity and passion for future agriculture: The key for future agriculture lies within the hands of every one of us.
(2) Attempt to improve self-competence and strength: The final results of the contest involve designing Coastal Bay Central and Agricultural Park, conducting field research, brainstorming and blueprint drawing,etc. It will enhance our overall qualities.
(3) Acquaintance with more like-minded good friends. As an international contest, the “Greenhouse Challenge Contest” allows us to communicate, share diverse experiences and ideas with friends from all over the world
(4) As students majoring in agriculture and forestry, we have the mission to strive for better development of agriculture.

What we want to achieve

(1) Formulate an integrated model for urban agriculture and relevant business patterns, in order to offer an example for greenhouse agriculture in future cities.
(2) Form basic concepts for urban agriculture in the future, incorporate new elements of innovation, achieve favorable communication with residents and improve surrounding environmental conditions to some extent.
(3) Based on what we have learned, strive to make contributions to the development of the Greater Bay Area, implement the ideas of team members, and achieve agricultural automation, resources recycling, ecological balance and organic sources of agricultural products.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

In the post-COVID-19 world, our team takes "Fall into" as the core design concept, further consider the relationship between human and nature. We aim to solve contradiction between the two, improve food security and improve mental health of people. A ‘healthy’, green and native urban forest and comprehensive immersive ecological experience are provided: people can be immersed in the ecological urban forest building that are full of oxygen and vigor, immersed in ‘healthy’ agricultural products and services in the park, immersed in a comfortable inner world, and immersed in the improvements brought by advanced modern agricultural technology.

What are the main functions of our building?

(1) Basic production function: In the building a vertical mode of agricultural production is established, use precision agriculture SAAS (Software - as - a - Service) Service,making full use of vertical space for crop planting. In order to control the security and quality of crops from the original source, special seedling areas are set up in the building to cultivate healthy and high-quality crop seedlings and fungi. The agricultural products not only supply the park but also are distributed to the surrounding communities.
(2) Social functions function: The building in positioned as the agricultural science and technology center, the "brain" of agriculture in Guangdong Province.
(3) Material recycling function: In order to realize the efficient recycling and energy saving of materials in the park, our plan works mainly from two aspects: the treatment of organic matter and the collection and reuse of water resources.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

We have designed an immersive ‘future agriculture’ complex to provide a new and replicable development idea for future urban agriculture. The park focuses on the sustainable development of urban agglomerations, pays attention to the interaction between people and nature, promotes the formation of people's low-carbon production and lifestyles and ‘green’ mode of urban construction and operation. It also reflects the concept of resource recycling in the design of the entire challenge site. Our project not only focuses on the general development needs of the challenge site, but also combines with the in-depth analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on China in pursuit of a more harmonious mode of coexistence between people and nature in the post-COVID-19 world.

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