Our team

The GREEN RAPSODY consists of 8 undergraduate and 1 bachelor, with various major including environmental engineering, agronomy, food science and technology, landscape architecture, economic administration and architecture. Most of the team members are from Nanjing Agricultural University. Our team strives to continuously play the green rhapsody to the world, to the nature, to more people.

Our strengths

Every one of the team members holds unique profession skill and knowledge that can provide assistant throughout the program. What's more, the team members have extraordinary imagination and creativity, seeking inspiration from cutting-edge technology. We have a keen perspective, seeking solutions from real-world problems. And integrate all new ideas into our work as perfectly as possible.

Our drive

Being involved in this challenge not only serves as a great opportunity for all team members to stimulate thinking and develop multiple skills such as communication and team spirit, but also offer us a precious chance to put our own ideas into reality, which is really important. We commit to apply what we have learned to solve current imminent problems.

What we want to achieve

Our goal is to build an agro-food complex which serves not only as the city's living room, but also as a prototype and enlightenment for the future solution of the deteriorating environment and decreasing ploughland problem. We reaffirm the importance of nature and the environment among humans.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

1.Whole Industry Chain Model——We build THE CUBE to a modern greenhouse model with a full industrial chain composed of multiple links including planting, harvesting, processing, distribution, and selling.
2.Environmental Friendliness——THE CUBE adopts a variety of methods to achieve energysaving and enviornment protection both inside and outside the greenhouse.
3.Human Friendliness——Visitors can explore the magical transformation of food from the branches to the dishes.
4.Back to nature——"Gardening Therapy" also applies to urbanities.
5.Future imagination——In the future, more urban greenhouses like THE CUBE will appear and forming "a growable urban greenhouse network".

What are the main functions of our building?

1st floor: activity and experiencing, CUBE-market, flower hall;
2nd & 3rd floor: plant factory;
4th floor: food factory;
5th floor: restaurant, indoor greenhouse, gift shop;
6th floor: rain garden.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

Feasibility. We deeply analyze what cities need today, and study how to integrate urban greenhouses, which contain many emerging technologies and concepts, into cities and their inhabitants' life. We focus on displaying the data from scale, production capacity to energy consumption and economy. THE CUBE is estimated to bring in about 90 million yuan per year and will continually contribute to the further development of urban agriculture.

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Yifei CHEN
Yulin SUN
Junjie Xu
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Jun Li
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