Our team

We are a team of international students from CULS and CTU studying Environmental engineering, Rural and social development, Food production, Arhitecture and Economics.

Our strengths

Interdisciplinary team combined with strong ambition and eagerness to succeed.

Our drive

Our main motivation is to learn, to put our ideas into reality, to develop in a professional sense.

What we want to achieve

We want to make the most of our student days by implementing theoretical knowledge gained on Faculty into something tangible.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

• Traditional food production in a circular environment to meet sustainable development

• Integrated social and technological innovation
to improve human and environmental wellbeing

• Re-connecting the missing bridges between rural and urban, tradition and innovation

What are the main functions of our building?

ECOllab is a space for people, connected and interconnected.

Our vision is to build a dynamic productional and functional area focused on various shared public service and leisure activities such as community garden, full generation cycle education, scientific research which enhances people’s lives with basic premises of Circularity, Sustainability, and Wellbeing.

The aim is not only to produce high-quality food but to educate and connect people of all ages to create a completely new perspective of the world in terms of sustainable thinking. With harmonious symbiosis between human and nature we want to promote a healthy lifestyle, which appreciates minimum waste and maximum joy. 

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

Innovation in terms of 'no-waste' energy harvesting, coollaboration between individuals and plants in audio-visual plant performance bubble, and transformation area are the foci of the unique strategy which ECOllab embraces.

Artist impressions of the facade and the building


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Team info

Elena Spallart
Nena Šilić
Vanja Lukić
Claire Derakhshan
Fouad Farnisa
Bianca Minotti
Miroslav Jozífek
Kaisar Kulbayev
Ramina Khakimova
Nadija Čehajić