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Our team

We are currently nine team members. Two of us are from the University of Copenhagen, majoring in Food science and technology (dairy specialization) and Nature Management, respectively. One is from Fudan University, currently exchange at the University of Copenhagen, majoring in Environmental Science. Two are from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Food science and technology and Architecture design. Another architecture fellow is from Tongji University. One of us is from the University College London, majoring in Computational Finance. We also have a graduated Ph.D. fellow major in Materials from Zhejiang University. Another fellow is from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, major in wireless networking.

Our strengths

Our team is well-organized and aspirant, the different background provides us wider horizons. Food science and technology students are equipped with the knowledge of food product processing, quality control and management, microbiology, industrial management, physical and chemical knowledge during processes, and also academic writing. Previous business model analysis experiences provide fundamental knowledge about business research. Computational Finance student is proficient in data mining and visualization through Matlab and Python. Abundant experience of the diverse project has equipped her with design capability, innovation power and team corporation inspirit. Environmental Science student studied the biogeochemical cycle of metals and focused on the impacts on the marine ecosystem. IT fellow has the background of Information and Communication technology, Machine Learning, Deep learning, and Reinforcement Learning. (to be continue)

Our drive

We focus on finding a better way for aquaponics, to shorten the supply chain, provide fresher food products and build a vibrant and sustainable Cell City. Utilize local natural climate and geography conditions, make urban farming easier. We also devote ourselves to interactions between farming & production and neighborhood. Removable planting plate, highly mechanized operations, high technology application, and unique architecture design bear the weight of the future urban greenhouse.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

1. Inspired by nature - take cell as our inspiration source, our building has the function just like what the cell has.
2. High automation - we would like to minimize labor work as much as possible and use high technology to monitor and control the whole production progress.
3. Recycle the energy and waste as much as possible - not only about the cost but also the eco-friendly, we would like to minimize the energy usage in every production step and reuse the waste to provide the energy as well.
4. Follow up the new trend to ensure food safety - take the hot topic - block chain as our starting point, tracking is no more hard work.
5. Convenience is also our goal - set up vending machines in far communities will provide fresh vegetables and fruits as well, drag everyone in this city closely.
6. Let everyone have fun and feel meaningful in the site - hands-on teaching and provided planting area light elderly and young children's life up.

What are the main functions of our building?

1. Part of the cell city structure works as the organisms in the cell.
2. Dynamic controlling and monitoring systems through the whole building, providing convenience and high efficiency both for production and neighborhood interaction.
3. Inner energy recycle and waste reuse, to minimize the usage of water, electricity, and heat.
4. Combine blockchain and supply chain to shorten and improve the supplying systems, furthermore enhance food safety.
5. Set up vending machines in the communities far from the site, providing fresh vegetables and fruits 24 hours X 7 days.
6. The in-building market provides daily fresh plants for nearby residents, the out-door planting area provides hands-on teaching, especially for retired people and young children.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

1. Attractive architecture appearance with practical functions
2. Combination of nature and the city builds up the new community model
3. Wide food distribution ability
4. Follow up new trends tightly to ensure food safety
5. Application in man-machine interaction
6. Eco-friendly and energy saver

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