Our team

Our team has eight members, consisting of one PhD, three masters and four undergraduate students. We are all from Shenyang Agricultural University.

Our strengths

Our team members are engaged in different majors, consisting of Protected Horticulture, Facility Agriculture Science and Engineering, Olericulture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Agricultural Biological Environment and Energy Engineering and Environmental Engineering and Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering. So we are strong in energy recycling, pollution prevention, design and construction of greenhouse, landscape design, horticultural crop cultivation and building environment regulation etc.

Our drive

Urbanization is the inevitable trend of the development of human civilization, but rapid urbanization, breaking the balance between man and nature, resulting in a variety of environmental problems and causes a crisis of the earth's home of human existence. At the same time, the expansion of the city leads to the reduction of farming land, so, new food production models are needed to be provided to meet the consumption of the large number of urban population. Modern facility agriculture and agricultural production methods, such as vertical agriculture, community farming, solar greenhouses and so on, are important ways to solve this problem. At the same time, because the natural landscape is occupied by the city, more and more urban people dilute their understanding of nature. And the cognition of human self-origin results in the lack of ecological consciousness, and the lack of vitality in the urban environment makes people lack of natural treatment in emotion and leads to psychological imbalance. Therefore, it is very necessary to re-provide a common space for human interaction with society and nature. The purpose of our team is to integrate the science and technology with urban agriculture to make modern cities a living and intelligent organism to building "A community of shared future for planet life"

What we want to achieve

1. Through the design of urban greenhouse which provides a new and sustainable way for urban food production and supply.
2. Through the establishment of urban agricultural production community to realize common production and sharing harvest with each other, so as to enhance people's community consciousness, ecological consciousness, re-establish the universal connection between man and man, man and nature, help to build "A community of shared future for planet life".
3. Combining modern agricultural production with cities and combining green science and technology with agriculture to build an agricultural ecological city with Chinese characteristics.
4. Build Marina Bay Center Agricultural Park Complex Project in Binhaiwan Bay Area as a model of urban agroecological complex and provide Chinese scheme of modern sustainable urban agriculture to the world.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

Name: The Bond-Common Home
• Design prototype
Based on the life home-the earth as the core, and based on the earth's magnetic field as the prototype for the building design.
• The first level: the role of energy as a "Bond" in maintaining life.
Magnetic field is a kind of energy field, which has the implication of attraction, convergence and infinite divergence. The earth is now known as the only home where intelligent life exists, creating this extremely powerful field of energy. Everything in the world is the conversion of different forms of matter and energy. Under the protection of the earth's magnetic field, the energy and matter on the earth can be organically integrated and nurtured into all beings.
• The second level: the role of agriculture as a "Bond" in connecting mankind and nature.
The essence of agricultural production is the cycle of energy and material in the nature. Through agricultural
activities, human beings can constantly recognize nature, transform nature, adapt to nature, and establish the
connection between man and nature gradually, so that human beings can return to their natural attributes. At the
same time, the ultimate goal of modern sustainable agriculture is to achieve the dynamic balance of energy and
matter, so as to achieve sustainable agricultural production and ecological environment.
• The third level: the role of the "The Belt and Road initiative" as a "Bond" in connecting the world.
The venue of the UGC 2 competition is located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China. It happens to be
located at the intersection of the strategic special zone of China -- the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
and the "The Belt and Road initiative"- 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. and its special regional position makes it play
an important window role in China's comprehensive opening up to the world. At the same time, Chinese President Xi
Jinping also put forward that there is only one earth for mankind and all countries live in one world. We should
advocate the consciousness of "A community of shared future for mankind". The global value authority, In the face of
the common problems encountered by world urbanization and modern agricultural development, as well as the
sustainable evolution of the human planet in the future, the further construction of the "A community of shared future
for planet life" is a broader expansion of the concept of "A community of shared future for mankind" in all natural life
range. It is also the inevitable trend of the evolution of human civilization in the future.

What are the main functions of our building?

Our building is a multi-function complex which with glass greenhouse vegetable production area, agricultural product market, ecological restaurant, administrative area, lecture hall, roof garden, leisure activity area and natural education space. More details please see the report.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

Our concept are divided into five modules, each with its innovative selling points.
• Technological innovation Module:
Technology of double-layer respiratory optoelectronic glass curtain wall based on Low-Emissivity (LOW-E) glass.
• Food production module:
Spherical intelligent glass greenhouse.
Air circulation and self-purification system.
• Energy cycle module:
"Four water" circulation system based on microalgae constructed wetland and biochar.
• Natural Education Module:
Natural education based on Chinese farming culture.
• Commercial Operations Module:
Create an organic lifestyle around "people and nature"
The business model of triple channels.

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