Our team

Irene Gao, Rithany Kheam, Sifan Yang, Mariska Krijnen, Riemer van der Vliet, Sebastiaan Tekelenburg, Cami Quinteros, Angela Vu, Alfred Channell

Our strengths

Our team members have an excellent grasp of agricultural production in rural and urban settings, agri-business, nutrition, social engagement, and Chinese culture and values. We have a combination of Eastern and Western members who are from the Netherlands, USA, and China.

Our drive

Food access & resilient food systems coupled with the need to make urban life sustainable.
IRIS Stands for:
"Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive."
- Jamais Cascio

What we want to achieve

Create an ideal food system- one that is sustainable, beneficial economically & environmentally while also helping the community; we would like to input the practice of permaculture to produce an regenerative system that is inclusive and holistic in tackling challenges faced by the community and environment. We hope that the space we design is a balanced intersection between nature and urban life.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

A natural place. A place to show off. A place that intersects high tech and heritage skills. A place of production and small vendors. A place of meandering streets that come to a climactic wow factor.
Bring everyone in. Provide de-urbanization workshops and classes. Have volunteers. Bringing people into the production areas to explore and engage with producers.
Authentic & fusion foods produced in a high-tech manner. Activities that show high technology and heritage skills. Architecture that plays with local historic character and a vision of the future.

What are the main functions of our building?

Vertical farm production of vegetables and mushroom using renewable resources and energy.
Education center for farmers, students, and any individual willing to learn.
Place for the community to come together to collaborate, deliberate and thrive from many experiences.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

Connect producer and consumer through consumer education and participation.
Solidification of community via educational programs and space for interaction of each member.
Clever utilization of sunlight through heliostats, photovoltaic cells, and fiber-optic cables. Production of crops using recycled lightweight paper to resolve the problem of weight; this system will use gravity to our advantage by via a top down system. We will have zero waste by using a biodigester and use compost in the farmland. Use of other farm’s waste, ex. grain shells or straws, in mushroom production. Minimize humidity and heat while improving air quality through green roofs and bio walls.
Outside the application of a site-specific crop management concept will significantly lower inputs needed while the use of permaculture and regenerative farming will produce an abundant of crops and life.
Our building is designed to encourage consumers to explore our vertical farm while stimulating physical activity.


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Tekelenburg Tekelenburg
Sifan Yang
Riemer van der Vliet
Irene Gao
Rithany Kheam
Mariska Krijnen
Cami Quinteros
Alfred Channell

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