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Our team

We are a cosmopolitan team of students with different backgrounds: architecture, urban planning, architectural technologies, environmental management, environmental protection, biotechnology and food engineering, landscape architecture, business administration, facility agriculture, and architectural design. We are 12 in total and divided over 3 continents and 6 countries.

Our strengths

We have a deeper insight of Chinese culture, which roots the project deep into local society.

A group of people from different countries, different majors are inspiring each other and generate amazing energy.

What's more, we're all fascinating with the ecosystem and all these connection between human and land, now and future. This is the power source of us.

Our drive

To explore, to apply, to contribute.

What we want to achieve

We want to gain experience in working in an interdisciplinary project that has a practical appliance. Furthermore, we are eager to learn about urban food production and circular economy. We want to provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

Our greenhouse is inspired by old Chinese culture and traditions and it's aiming at redefining the way of perceiving nourishment and the relationship with food production. We intend to fulfill the growing demand for organic food, to provide trust in our products, and, at the same time, to create community bonding. Our goal is to create synergies between all sustainability aspects and to provide continuous adaptability. We address every social class and we stimulate neighbourly networking, thus following a social business model. The construction method of the building is highly adaptable to the evolution of external factors and the portfolio is diversified to make the greenhouse resilient to humanitarian crises. Finally, we are aiming at using a minimum of resources and at keeping nutrients, water, and energy in closed cycle to minimize the environmental impact of the whole supply chain.

What are the main functions of our building?

The production of food is our main function and we are having a large variety of crop types. Scientific research is the key to innovation and the reason why we are going to run a lab, where also the data gained from plant monitoring will be evaluated and used in the process of optimization and adaptation to the demand of the market.
In order to spread our message and promote a healthy lifestyle, we will provide community gardening, free workshops, and conferences to the broader public, who can book a stay at our hotel or dine at the restaurant and get a full greenhouse experience. Nonetheless, the market, food court, and event room on the ground floor will have great success in attracting various customers.
Decentralized energy production is a great solution for achieving better network efficiency. Therefore we want to produce more energy than we consume, to export it to nearby consumers.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

We focused on creating a new generation of greenhouses that are part of a decentralized network. We provide fundamental new approach for the interaction between the customers with the production processes by granting full transparency. The customers relate to an App, where they can trace the live production status and where they get discount points for sharing data. The inside production processes are state-of-the-art hydroponic cultures. In the basic farmland, a visionary concept of symbiotic farming is implemented to prevent the spread of pests. To achieve a higher productivity, bio-solarization is performed and bees are grown on the top floor. Areas are assigned for community gardening projects, that will also boost the biodiversity. The building provides more energy than consumes, having a productive pixel system and a heliomorphic design. It behaves like an organism that adapts to changing conditions. The structure is modular based, ensuring a high interoperability and circularity.

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Weronika Kisielinska
Iulia Vizman
Melinda Gyori
Yunfan Zou
Jinglin Zhao
Odunayo David Adeniyi
Ziqi Lu
Yingtong Liu
Andreea Crudici
Mathäus Steurer
Sebastian-Andreas Dan