Lemna Life

Our team

Our team exists of 6 bachelor students from Wageningen University. With students from the bachelor Nutrition & Health, Biotechnology, Molecular Life Sciences, Plant Sciences and International Development.

Our strengths

We are a young, enthusiastic and interdisciplinary team from Wageningen who are eager to make a difference in the world of food production.

Our drive

As young people we are seeing a world that needs rapid change in our food production to meet the increasing demand for high quality foods. To achieve this we believe technology, farming and social development should be integrated and we believe this challenge can help us to bring the future a little bit closer.

What we want to achieve

We want to develop the basics for an entrepreneurial business in food production while learning how to add social and economical value to projects in food production. Furthermore, we want to develop growing processes for different types of crops, which are not yet grown in greenhouses.

What are the main starting points of our concept?

Everything in our building and surrounding is intertwined with the area theme Tradition meets Future. In our building, visitors are able to experience the past and present ways of Chinese farming through our community gardens, farmland and greenhouses. Our building offers a place where local people and tourists can come together in the community and can learn about the past, present and future of food production.

Local city dwellers can rent a piece of farmland in our community gardens to grow their own crops, which encourages a more sustainable lifestyle. The farmland is used to grow products for the restaurant, making our building as self-sufficient as possible. The building will hold a large vertical duckweed production system, a restaurant, a shop, an area for workshops and a rooftop with breath-taking view over the Lemna Life area and its surrounding park.

All the different areas will be connected through a discovery route, where visitors travel through time. They start at the traditional farming surroundings in the community gardens, travel through time while walking through the agricultural farmland and greenhouses of the present, while the vertical indoor duckweed farm represents the future of farming.

Through the demonstrations of the Chinese culture of farming and potentials of urban farms, we want both city dwellers and tourists to learn and experience different ways of farming over time. Furthermore, in our Lemna Life building we provide a space to connect and build a sustainable community.

What are the main functions of our building?

The main goal of our building is to show and let people experience the potential of urban farming. The indoor vertical farm will be completely dedicated to growing duckweed, which is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and contains an abundance of protein, fibres, vitamins and antioxidants. We do not just want to produce food; we want to exchange knowledge.

We will exchange this knowledge through an experience centre which is located inside the building. The main theme of the experience centre will be Food of the Future; there will be exhibitions about innovations in food production and urban farming techniques. Other subjects in our experience centre will be the protein transition and a healthy lifestyle. The experience centre will be interactive, with hands on activities to bring knowledge.

In our building, we want to create an atmosphere where people feel at ease. By having the ‘for citizens, by citizens’ concept, we want local citizens to feel involved by for example helping organise activities. The ground floor will be a large open area where a spot will be created to encourage people to interact with each other. In the Lemna Café, different events will be organized, such as lectures, workshops and documentaries about farming and food. The café will be a place to meet people, relax and to enjoy our locally produced food. In the Lemna Shop, the crops from our vertical farm and farmland will be available for sale.

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

Our project Lemna Life does not focus on just one problem or challenge; we combine many aspects like farming, lifestyle and technology into one multifunctional building. By connecting city dwellers and tourist we are creating a new social platform where people can exchange ideas, be active and give back to the community. Our community gardens, experience centre and Lemna Café create awareness of how important our nature and food production actually is. Our concept also shows that a forgotten plant like duckweed can actually help create a better future in food security. This shows that we also need to cherish our tradition when looking at the future.

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Team info

F.R. Tankink
Victor Pool
Maud Vegelin
Laura de Bruine
Peter van Nes
Robin Klamer
Bram Sloezarwij
Emile Craye
Max van Gaalen